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Cannot restrict changesets to subdirectories



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      I'm evaluating mercurial and hudson as an alternative to clearcase and
      cruisecontrol. Perhaps I don't understand the best way to structure my Mercurial
      repository, but I'd like to create our entire source tree as a single Mercurial
      repository. This means that we'll have 10 or 12 hudson jobs to build all the
      various projects in our source tree. However, it looks like the mercurial plugin
      does an "hg clone" for each job, thus copying the entire source tree for each
      job, which is overkill for us. Additionally, the "hg incoming" line that detects
      changes will notice changes in unrelated projects and trigger a build. I didn't
      see any way to avoid this. This seems like a limitation of the Hudson Mercurial
      plugin to me, so I'm opening an enhancement request here.

      The way we've handled this with cruisecontrol is to list all the directories
      that need to be monitored for changes for a particular project. It seems like
      Hudson could do the same, and perhaps only clone those directories, as well.



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