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Radiator view plugin does not render correctly in all browsers



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      This is only a minor issue I guess, but annoying!

      As best as I can tell, this plugin only functions correctly in Firefox 3.0

      In IE 7/8, the colours for the various build jobs are correct but the page does not render to the full page. (not a big deal, hopefully most people have upgraded by now!)

      In IE9, Chrome, Firefox 5+, Safari, the colours are all rendered poorly - gone are the nice bright and clear red, yellow and green primary colours that I had previously, replaced by a bunch of colours that to a colour blind person (such as me ) are very difficult to tell apart.

      If (as I suspect) the latest browsers are actually rendering the page correctly and the older browsers are not, is it possible to add a way of configuring the colours used by the radiator view via the UI? The way it looks on my old Suse 11 box with Firefox 3.0 (Red, Yellow for unstable and Green) is exactly the way I want it to look for everyone


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