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Add a configurable display name to jobs



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      Here's a description of the enhancement:

      As a Release Engineer, I want to be able to provide a label to describe my Jenkins job so I can export it for report/display purposes.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • The Job configuration to provide an optional and non-unique "display name" field.
      • When a project has a display name, this should be used to display the project name throughout the Web UI
      • If a project does not have a display name, the project name will be shown throughout the Web UI
      • The project name itself will only be shown in the config page of the project, under the title of the main project page, the project url, and in the tool tip text of any links to the project
      • Search box will accept either a display name or a project name
      • The main search box will autocomplete with both the project name and the display name of projects.
      • The results of a search will show display names with functional links to each respective project
      • Any configuration settings that refer to a project will accept only the project name and not the display name
      • Any auto completion in configuration settings should only show project names
      • Display names are not unique within a Jenkins instance
      • A warning will be shown in the project configuration page to warn if display name matches the name or display name of another project
      • If there 2 projects with same display name, and the user enters the display name into the search box, Jenkins will forward the user to the first project it finds with the display name
      • If a project's display name is the same as another project's name and the name is entered into the search box, Jenkins will forward the user to the project with the project name that is equal to the search string.
      • RSS feeds for projects show the display name
      • When cloning a project, the display name of the cloned project will be cleared
      • When renaming a project, the display name of the project will be cleared if it is identical to the old project name


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