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Duplicate build numbers in the Build History



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Critical
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    • Component/s: build-pipeline-plugin
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    • Environment:
      Operating System: Linux-CentOS, Windows Server 2003 64bit
      gcc version: 4.4.4

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      I have recently upgraded hudson to latest jenkins(1.437 and later to 1.439). Ofcourse the migration went pretty smooth, but recently I started facing a problem related the existing build numbers of one particular job. In the Build history(left sidebar of any job page) I am
      seeing duplicate build numbers. Check the first attachment named "duplicate_build_numbers". When you reload the same job page, it displays only one unique build and no duplicate builds. But after a few seconds(may be 3 or 4 secs) the duplicate build is coming up.

      I checked the "builds" directory related to that job and found only one directory related to the build. For the build mentioned in the
      figure I saw only one directory named: "2011-10-16_01-06-08"

      So is there any issue in the way Build History is shown to the users or Am I missing anything ?



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          Environment Operating System: Linux-CentOS
          gcc version: 4.4.4
          Operating System: Linux-CentOS, Windows Server 2003 64bit
          gcc version: 4.4.4

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