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Warnings plugin does strange things with a custom parser



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    • Linux master, Windows slave.
      Jenkins 1.441, Warnings 3.24.


      I configured a parser in the main Configure section and verified that it would match and report a warning. However, it would only report one even if I copied extra lines?
      During an actual build (on the slave) it is reported to be run. I see the correct parser name (that I gave it), the correct file name of the log file, and it claims to have found 4 warnings ("Successfully parsed ... with 4 warnings").

      The problems are:

      • There should, by my count, be 18 warnings
      • It doesn't actually report warnings from the parser in the "Warnings" result

      There is one other warning parser involved, an MSBuild parser. There are 2 warnings from that (correct), and I also get 2 warnings from the not configured "PC-Lint" parser. The alleged PC-Lint warnings are identical to the MSBuild warnings, apart from the type.
      No warnings are reported for my parser.

      It could look like there's some mix-up of parsers? Is this by any chance related to JENKINS-11926?

      Further details:

      • Both warnings parsers are run on the same file.
      • The warnings I want to parse do not have file names nor line numbers. I've tried putting both "some text" and "" as file name, and 0 or 1 for line number. Neither worked any differently.


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