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Promoted Builds plugin should pass actual/"root" job to Git plublisher



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    • Component/s: promoted-builds-plugin
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      CentOS 5.8 SunJDK 1.7.0_03-b04 and Fedora 15 OpenJDK 1.6.0_22 both on x86-64.
      Both Jenkins 1.462.
      Both Git Plugin 1.1.18
      Both Promoted Builds Plugin 2.5
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      The Promoted Builds plugin should pass the actual job instance to the Git Publisher perform() when performing post-promote action.

      I wondered why publishing Git tags did not work as post promote action and debugged the code a bit.

      The promotion will fail with

      Promoting JOBNAME #13
      failed build hudson.plugins.git.GitPublisher@7cdd86df SUCCESS
      Finished: FAILURE

      In the class GitPublisher I see build.getProject() returns a project instance pointing to the build and promote. the getScm() then will of course return a NullSCM. I think getProject() should return the base/actual job so that the Git publisher wil refer to the correct project.

      A Git Publisher setup as post build action works quiet fine.


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