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Warnings plugin has renumbered internally - breaks builds!



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    • Jenkins 1.476, warnings 4.13


      We have some jobs where we fail builds if there are new warnings. After upgrading to warnings-4.13, it appears that the "MSBuild" parser has changed its internal number from 25 to 27, causing all warnings to be counted as New, thus failing every single build since the upgrade.
      I think the renumbering is to blame because I can see in my logs that a request for a file called "compiler-27-warnings.xml" fails. Such a file is indeed present in the new builds, whereas the old builds instead have a file called "compiler-25-warnings.xml". I also have files called "compiler-1-warnings.xml" (dynamic parser) and "compiler-warnings.xml" (all parsers combined).
      So it looks to me that MSBuild has changed value (an enum, perhaps?). This breaks all our builds. We can probably save them by re-configuring to not check for new warnings, build once, and then re-enable the check, but I don't really want to do that every time new parsers are added to the plugin!
      So may I suggest that it be written explicitly in the plugin code that existing parsers under no circumstances should change number?
      Or that the filenames be based on something a little more "predictable" than an enum? Or perhaps the file with all warnings could be used instead?


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