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losing build history in configuration matrix jobs



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      I have several jobs set to use a configuration matrix. Since I upgraded to 1.492, it looks like builds are lost after each Jenkins restart. This happens for some jobs only.
      I have already had problems loading the old builds in such jobs in the past (after the changes made to improve Jenklins startup times around 1.47x), but at least the build folders weren't removed from the disk, so downgrading fixed my issues.

      Here is a better description of the jobs that lose their history:

      MYJOB: matrix configuration of "windows" and "linux"
      runs on: master (which is also the machine used for the "windows" configuration)

      After a Jenkins restart (Jenkins is running as a service), all folders inside of \Jenkins\jobs\MYJOB\configurations\axis-os\windows\builds are moved.
      The folders in \Jenkins\jobs\MYJOB\builds are not affected

      The only plugin used by this job is https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Build+Name+Setter+Plugin, but it is used in jobs that are not affected by this weird behaviour.

      I cannot find any errors in the logs, and I'm wondering where to start to provide any interesting information to understand the problem.
      Is anyone else experiencing something like this?


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