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Warnings Plugin "Wind River Diab Compiler (C/C++)"-parser is missing support for fatal errors



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    • warnings-plugin
    • Jenkins LTS 1.480.3
      Static Analysis Utilities 1.49
      Warnings Plug-in 4.23


      Given an existing job with a "Wind River Diab Compiler (C/C++)"-parser and the "Run always" option enabled,
      when the build produces a fatal warning,
      then I want it included in the results from the plugin.

      Below is an example of the output of a division by zero warning with the different supported severity levels.
      (based of Wind Rivier Diab Combiler User's Guide, B.3.6 "-e, Change diagnostic severity level")

      i, Information, equivalent to ignore.
      w, Warning.
      "main.c", line 5: warning (dcc:1025): division by zero
      e, Error (continue compilation).
      "main.c", line 5: error (dcc:1025): division by zero
      f, Fatal error (terminate immediately).
      "main.c", line 5: fatal error (dcc:1025): division by zero

      Also, if it can have a positive effect on the performance - some of the \s* in the parser's regex could be removed/changed to a fixed space based off the format examples above.



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