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Allow manual builds of different branches



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      I have a Jenkins job that performs polling of an SVN trunk and launches a complex chain of jobs if the trunk was updated.

      What I'd like to do is to give users the ability to launch the job manually, specifying a different branch to checkout - e.g., to test the code in a branch before merging it to the trunk. Currently, I can do the following:

      • Set the Repository URL to https://svn/$BRANCH
      • Set the default value of parameter BRANCH to trunk/xyz
      • Let users type in the branch, OR use the List Subversion Tags option

      However, this does not work as expected – or maybe I have misinterpreted the behavior, in which case please correct me.
      The way I understand it, such configuration works like this:
      0) I set up the job as described above
      1) The job is polling the trunk, since this is the default value of the parameter
      2) I launch the job manually, choosing a different branch to checkout. It runs successfully
      3) After that, the job begins to poll the branch instead of the trunk. This is absolutely not what I expect it to do – manual launches should not interfere with future automatic polling.

      I understand this is the way Jenkins works with parameters, so I am filing this as a feature request.


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