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Wrong status for Matrix jobs when using "Execute concurrent builds if necessary" and "Set Build Name"




      Seen with Jenkins ver. 1.548

      Can be reproduced easily by creating a basic matrix job:
      AXIS_A: A1 A2
      AXIS_B: B1 B2 B3 B4

      And setting:
      Execute concurrent builds if necessary: True
      Set Build Name: 123456 #${BUILD_NUMBER}
      (Instead of 123456, we typically set the SCM Change ID)

      As a build step:
      Execute Shell: "sleep 30"

      Fire 2 or 3 times "Build Now"

      All the configurations should have a SUCCESS status and the global status should be SUCCESS too.

      But, even if all the configurations' consoles tell "Finished: SUCCESS", some of them get a red ball failure icon anyway. And the global console tells, for example:
      "A1,B1 completed with result FAILURE"
      Then, the global status is FAILED, while all the configurations succeeded!

      It works again if either of the options "Set Build Name" or "Execute concurrent builds if necessary" is removed.



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