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Propagate failure causes from downstream builds




      Original Jira :
      This would be nice to have - I've got a fairly complex multi-level build setup, with a group of "generic" jobs for each platform we build on. Those generic jobs are then called by each of our 20+ component builds, passing certain information (i.e., what to build, where to find source packages) to the generic jobs as parameters.

      When the generic jobs (i.e., the downstream builds) fail, they get the appropriate known cause associated with them, but the parent build doesn't, since it doesn't actually have the cause of the downstream failure in its log. It'd be handy if we could propagate failure causes up the stack from the downstream builds to their upstream builds - it'd make analysis much simpler.

      Updated bug :
      Looking at the BFA change log this is indeed supported as of version Version 1.6.0 (released Mar 10, 2014)
      However, testing this with a latest fresh install of Jenkins and an older (Jenkins version 1.625.2) with the minimum amount of plugin installed, I was unable to get this working. I've added several screenshots of the issue :

      Here is a screenshot of the master project I have setup :

      This project calls two instances of the slave project that way using Jenkins Parameterized Trigger plugin:

      When I browse to the two executions from this however BFA successfully triggered on the content of the subprojects :

      I have tried using different ways to call the sub project as I thought that this could be that, I managed to get the master call the slave project as if they were "Downstream projects" instead of "Subprojects" using different triggers system. Calling them as post-build action, calling them as build action, none of this was able to get the failure cause propagated upstream.


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