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Some projects have builds whose timestamps are inconsistent



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      Constantly get "Some projects have builds whose timestamps are inconsistent" for all jobs, all builds. Throwing away all build data and starting over, everything works fine again for a while, but soon (about a day) everything reports as "Some projects have builds whose timestamps are inconsistent" again and Jenkins wants me to dump all history to fix it.

      In addition, and probably related, "Last Success"/"Last Failure" data is always wrong or N/A. An individual build from an individual jobs data will be shown across all jobs. Refresh then all jobs say N/A instead. After a long time I can visit Jenkins and everything looks right... but hit refresh and all says N/A immediately again.

      Also, again related to the same issue I'm betting, build history in the left nav for each job sometimes links to a completely unrelated build history page for a different job.

      Again, related, restarting the Jenkins Windows Service, all jobs come up with no status, all sunny/successful, or all failed/rainy... even though in reality there is a mix. All FxCop/StyleCop/Test Results, etc. no longer display.

      I have tried Jenkins version 1.554.1 up through 1.566, all exhibit these issues. I've researched this on Google and see others experiencing this issue all the way back since 1.480+. The only version I can say with confidence that doesn't have these issues is 1.449, as I worked with a company on this version for some time and never saw these issues once.

      Is this simply a Windows 2012 R2 unsupported issue? Or has Jenkins really been a complete mess for the last 100+ versions?


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