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Start filtering by exclude/include patterns AFTER absolute path expansion



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    • Jenkins 1.532.2 with Warnings plugin 4.39


      Currently filtering by exclude/include patterns is done before the expansion of relative paths to absolute paths is done. If this would be done after the expansion then the filtering would be more efficient:

      I see that under the advanced section of the compiler warnings module there is an option to ignore files based on their absolute file path. I have a directory at the top of my workspace named "log4cxx/source". I don't want to be notified of any warnings in that directory. The warnings are found in the console output. I have tried the following filters, all without success

      When I look at the compiler output I see output like this:

      14:45:01 /bin/sh /d/workspace-jnlp/workspace/log4cxx/label/windigo-jnlp/log4cxx/source/apr-1.4.6/libtool --silent --mode=compile gcc -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DWIN32 -D_MSVCRT_ -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -I./include -I/d/workspace-jnlp/workspace/log4cxx/label/windigo-jnlp/log4cxx/source/apr-1.4.6/include/arch/win32 -I./include/arch/unix -I/d/workspace-jnlp/workspace/log4cxx/label/windigo-jnlp/log4cxx/source/apr-1.4.6/include/arch/unix -I/d/workspace-jnlp/workspace/log4cxx/label/windigo-jnlp/log4cxx/source/apr-1.4.6/include -o atomic/win32/apr_atomic.lo -c atomic/win32/apr_atomic.c && touch atomic/win32/apr_atomic.lo
      14:45:01 atomic/win32/apr_atomic.c:31:5: warning: 'dllimport' attribute ignored [-Wattributes]
      14:45:01 (apr_uint32_t volatile *);
      14:45:01 ^
      14:45:01 atomic/win32/apr_atomic.c:34:6: warning: 'dllimport' attribute ignored [-Wattributes]
      14:45:01 apr_uint32_t);
      14:45:01 ^
      14:45:01 atomic/win32/apr_atomic.c:37:6: warning: 'dllimport' attribute ignored [-Wattributes]
      14:45:01 apr_uint32_t, apr_uint32_t);
      14:45:01 ^
      14:45:01 atomic/win32/apr_atomic.c:40:6: warning: 'dllimport' attribute ignored [-Wattributes]
      14:45:01 void *, const void *);
      14:45:01 ^
      14:45:01 atomic/win32/apr_atomic.c:43:6: warning: 'dllimport' attribute ignored [-Wattributes]
      14:45:01 void *);
      14:45:01 ^

      If I list "atomic/win32/apr_atomic.c" in the excludes, then these warnings are ignored by the warnings plugin. However I would much rather be able to specify "./log4cxx/source/." to make sure I only exclude warnings from that subdirectory. The full path information must be available because the links that the plugin creates for the warnings link to the actual file in the workspace.

      I'm using Jenkins 1.532.2 with Warnings plugin 4.39.




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