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Artifact Deployer doesn't delete artifacts when used in combination with Flexible Publisher



    • Type: Bug
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      Jenkins 1.532.3
      Artifact Deployer Plugin 0.29
      Windows 7 x64 OS
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      When using the Artifact Deployer plugin in combination with the Flexible Publisher plugin to conditionally publish artifacts under specific conditions, the option to have the artifact deployer purge the deployed artifacts when a build is deleted no longer works. For example, in a very trivial example you can reproduce this as follows:

      • Create a new job of type 'freestyle'
      • create a file as part of the build operation. Doing a simple "echo > test.txt" should suffice.
      • configure a post build step using the Flexible Publish plugin
      • configure the flexible publisher with a run condition of "Always" so the conditional action is always executed
      • configure the conditional action to use the Artifact Deployer plugin
      • configure the artifact deployer to publish the test file, test.txt in this example, so a remote location, say c:\temp
      • make sure to enable the option to "Delete remote artifacts when the build is deleted"
      • save your changes and execute a build and confirm that the test file is correctly published
      • now select this build from the Jenkins dashboard and delete it - confirm that the published test file still exists and has not been purged

      The expected behavior in this scenario would seem obvious - the published artifact(s) should be purged as they would normally be had the job not been using the flexible publisher.



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