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Missing static analysis results in weather popup



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      I recently updated our Jenkins server from 1.565.2 to 1.596.2. As part of that, a lot of plugins that were fine had to be updated, to squelch various DEPRECATED warnings in the log file (and some things that just plain broke). Unfortunately, while updating the plugins I lost the thing that showed the results of our static analysis checking in the on-mouseover hover of "weather" on the main dashboard.

      This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but the plugins listed in "Environment" were the only ones that were related to static analysis checking in our deployment, so I'm hoping you know how to get that back. The developers apparently use it to quickly check on all the various projects, and having to click through to each one is burdensome.

      Attached is a screenshot of what we see now. Previously, "Static Checking" was another row in that popup.



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