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Warnings plugin does not save regexp list of files to ignore



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    • warnings-plugin
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    • Debian-based Linux x86_64
      Kernel 3.19.0-22-generic
      Java version 1.7.0_79
      Jenkins 1.627 (direct)
      Warnings plugin 4.49
      Google Chrome 5.0.2454.85 m (64-bit)


      When editing a project in the web ui, anything written in the field for files to ignore is then gone when the configuration view is opened again.
      Also, they are not applied (verified by executing a build and noticing warnings that should be ignored are back again). Plugins were updated this weekend. Everything worked last week.
      Also, by editing the config.xml by hand to get this field back:
      and then reloading config from disk in Jenkins UI, job is working as expected again. And the patterns are visible when opening the job configuration in the ui, but if the job config is "saved" or "applied" in the web ui, the excludePattern tag is then removed completly from the job config file and the job breaks again.



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