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JDK 7 (or above) compiled classes cannot be used with Jenkins 1.601 and above



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      I'm one of the developers for the Lucene plugin. As Lucene libraries are compiled using java 7 (since java 6 is deprecated) this bug causes all releases above 1.600 to be broken for us.

      Some history: in JDK 7 a new "feature" introduced was that the compiler has to keep a stack map. Any code compiled for java 1.6 is run in a compatibility mode, but all code compiled with target 1.7 needs to have this. More can be read here: http://chrononsystems.com/blog/java-7-design-flaw-leads-to-huge-backward-step-for-the-jvm

      What happens is that for some reason, that stack map becomes either corrupt or removed after applying commit https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/commit/89681c20296c5f1c134039d2e24d434e1992437b causing java.lang.VerifyErrors (attached full stack, but excerpt below).

      Just to be clear. This has NOTHING to do with compiling jenkins with java 7. I have not tried that. I'm only interested in how the official builds interact with plugins requiring java 7 (it's because our required dependencies are only compiled for java 7).

      I have bisected by
      1) Added the lucene search plugin through normal plugin download
      2) Added a job
      3) Ran it
      4) Search for "user" or something else that is in the build log. Either I see the stack(bad) or the found jobs(good). I actually bisected the patch with the script "test.sh" attached, but it's clearly visible in both console and browser.

      This has been reproduced on other hosts and other jdk's as well.

      Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target 25
      Exception Details:
      org/apache/lucene/util/packed/PackedInts$Format.longCount(III)I @3: ifne
      Expected stackmap frame at this location.
      0000000: b200 5e9a 0016 1d9b 0009 1d10 40a4 000c
      0000010: bb00 6059 1db7 0063 bf2a 1b1c 1db6 006e
      0000020: 3704 b200 5e9a 0014 1604 1400 6f94 9b00
      0000030: 0bbb 0060 59b7 0071 bf16 0414 0064 7109
      0000040: 949a 000b 1604 1400 646d 88ac 1604 1400
      0000050: 646d 0a61 88ac


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