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Ignore specific users in Git plugin isn't working correctly if i was working in all the branches at the same job



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      I want one job, to get the source code from GIT repository, make some tests and then push some changes on the same repository.

      • This job should be triggered once the source code is changed.
      • This job should should work on all the branches.

      Job Description:
      Source Code Management:
      Branches to build: **
      Additional Behaviours:
      Polling ignores commits from specific users: I have put my name.

      Build Triggers:
      Using "git notifyCommit" I have added a hook on gitlab to trigger the build on Jenkins.
      On "Build Triggers" section, I'm checking "Poll SCM" option.

      Add, Commit & Push:
      I made the add and the commit using windows batch.
      Push: using git publisher, on "Add branches" i have added the name of the repository.

      The excluded user is not excluded all the time, which some times cause an infinite loop, and sometimes cause a lot of extra unnecessary builds.

      After a lot of investigations, i have checked the source code of the plugin, and i have understood the some reasons of the problem:
      1) The plugin is depending on the last build revision, to get "From" & "To" revision number, and this generate a problem, because the "From" of the last build could be for another branch, so it will git all the old revisions and sure this revision contains users not listed in the "Excluded users list", thus a new build will be triggered.

      2) If there were changes in three branches for example, and 2 branches should be ignored, but the third one should trigger a build, the three branches will be triggered.

      These are the problems i have discovered till now, could anyone tell me when these issues will be fixed? we are blocked a month ago on this problem, and no one is answering us.


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