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File Setting Failure in Extended Choice Parameter Plugin on Slave



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      I have two Jenkins instances, a QA system with a single machine, and a Production system with slaves.

      I developed a simulation on the QA system that would read a configuration file in the workspace.
      I used the full path to the location in the machine's internal file system.

      The plugin recognizes the file and configures the UI (a 3 level deep multi-level single select) correctly.
      The location is: /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/simulate-chef-push/jenkins-chef/config/extended-choice-config.txt

      I then went to try to set up the same configuration a new job, with additional features such as the Chef identity, on a designated slave on the Production machine.
      The location is set to /home/babylon/jenkins-slave/jenkins-slave/workspace/chef-push-job/config/extended-choice-config.txt.

      I get the error
      /home/babylon/jenkins-slave/jenkins-slave/workspace/chef-push-job/config/extended-choice-config.txt doesnt seem to exist..

      I can, of course verify that the path on the QA Jenkins is correct. (The plugin can find the path, after all!)

      I can ALSO verify that the path was created on the slave machine by logging into it:

      -sh-4.2$ sudo su babylon
      sh-4.2$ ls /home/babylon/jenkins-slave/jenkins-slave/workspace/chef-push-job/config/extended-choice-config.txt

      I can also verify that the file is present and readable in another way by actually outputting the contents of the file in a Shell in the job itself.

      + cat /home/babylon/jenkins-slave/jenkins-slave/workspace/chef-push-job/config/extended-choice-config.txt
      Organization	Job	Quorum
      orgA	jobA1	orgA:jobA1:90%
      orgA	jobA1	orgA:jobA1:85%
      orgA	jobA1	orgA:jobA1:100%
      orgA	jobA2	orgA:jobA2:90%
      orgA	jobA3	orgA:jobA3:90%
      orgB	jobB1	orgB:jobB1:90%
      orgB	jobB1	orgB:jobB1:80%
      orgB	jobB2	orgB:jobB2:70%
      orgB	jobB3	orgB:jobB3:85%
      orgB	jobB3	orgB:jobB3:75%



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          Environment Jenkins 1.640 on both systems, Extended Choice Parameter Plug-In 0.56 on both systems, one with slaves, one without (see description) Jenkins 1.640 on both systems, Extended Choice Parameter Plug-In 0.56 on both systems, one with slaves, one without (see description). I did all configuration via Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit) on the Mac (OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite). The slave on which I am running is Linux (os.arch=>amd64;os.name=>Linux;os.version=>3.10.0-229.7.2.el7.x86_64)
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