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Cannot Retrieve Commit Hashes when Using Multiple Get Repositories



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    • Jenkins 1.656, Ubuntu 14.04, Multiple SCM Plugin version 0.7-SNAPSHOT, 9e61a8d


      I need to access the Git commit hash for each of my 4 multiple Git repositories configured using the Multiple SCMs Plugin. Each repository is also configured to trigger the build. I need to ensure that my build is triggered using the exact same versions of the repository from the point that Jenkins triggered the build.

      When I run env inside my Build Script Task, I see GIT_URL_1 through GIT_URL_4, but only one GIT_COMMIT (even after PR#19, I just GIT_COMMIT and GIT_COMMIT_1).

      What's worse, GIT_COMMIT is neither from Repository 1 nor Repository 4... it seems to consistently be from Repository 3. I am not sure if this will actually remain consistent, so my commit hash is effectively useless.

      The expected result is to see the latest hash from each repository, numbered according to the GIT_URL_* numbering. Thanks for taking a look, and I'm happy to provide any needed information.



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