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Support "Set Job Properties" for Promotion in MultiBranch Pipeline jobs



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    • Jenkins 2.7
      Promoted Plugin 2.27


      One of our most common use cases in Jenkins 1.X was to setup projects so that they could be manually promoted, and in the case of that promotion, we would:

      • Set the artifacts to be saved forever.
      • The artifacts would be sent as an input to a follow on build to be deployed.

      We are now trying to move to a fully Pipeline'ized build system, with Jenkinsfiles in our projects, but can not find a real substitute for this functionality. Pipelines allow user input, but its not really the same of what we got with the Promotion Plugin.

      Looking at the APIs available in the snippet generator, the most logical place (I see) for configuring promotion settings would seem to be the "Set job properties" – if we could configure promotion via this step / API, that would work really well I think to be able to emulate the functionality we had with freeform projects.



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