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Build Parameters Corrupted sometimes in MultiJob Project




      Perhaps related to https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/SECURITY/Jenkins+Security+Advisory+2016-05-11

      We have several builds that are configured, pre plugin pipeline, using the MultiJob plugin and conditional build steps to build a webservice and its dependencies. The dependencies are only built if there are any SCM changes. The build is configured with several parameters indicating the environment (dev/prod) that the project is being built into. When the subjobs are run based off of changes in SCM, the original parameter selection becomes corrupted and they are not passed correctly to the final job, which needs them. However, if only the final job is built, then the parameters do not become corrupted and they are passed correctly.

      It appears that what is happening, due to the new security constraints, if the parameters do not exist in the sub project, they become corrupted in the Multi-Job project. It is not that they are being subjected to the security constraint, they are removed completely it seems and any defaults that might be set are used. Clicking the "Parameters" tab of such a build, the parameters are a blank blank page surrounded by the title, no listing. Clicking the "Parameters" tab of a build that did not build the other dependencies, the parameters entries are displayed as expected.


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