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Polling not working as intended



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      The polling is finding changes, reporting them to me, and then tells me there
      are no changes and does not perform a build. Its the NO CHANGES at the end that
      gets me going - since it just told me about 1000 changes before it said there
      were none... This was working ok in a previous version of the plugin - not sure
      what changed... We saw this just as we were showing hudson to a director (to
      propose its use as our CI system)...

      Anyhow, its probably a simple change that needs to be made from either our end
      or yours - but I dont know what that change would be.

      $ head scm-polling.log
      Started on May 11, 2009 1:49:14 PM
      [hudson_EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration_snapshot] $ cleartool lshistory -r -since
      7-may-09.20:38:29utc+0000 -fmt '"\"%Nd\" \"%u\" \"%En\" \"%Vn\" \"%e\" \"%o\"
      \"%[activity]p\" \n%c\n"' -branch brtype:EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration -nco
      ""20090511.115012" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/3" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00318637"

      """20090511.115012" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/3" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00318637"

      """20090511.115012" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/8" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00318637"

      """20090511.115012" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/2" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00318637"


      $ tail scm-polling.log
      """20090507.162818" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/10" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00317796"

      """20090507.162818" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/7" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00317796"

      """20090507.162818" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/3" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00317796"

      """20090507.162818" "X00467"
      "/main/EDT_EOS_WEB4.5_integration/4" "create version" "checkin" "CQPRD00317796"

      "Done. Took 8.1 sec
      No changes



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