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Missing ErrorAction after Jenkins restart




      On Jenkins restart FlowNode corresponding to ErrorStep has missing ErrorAction. I tried this script:

      node {
          stage('stage1') {
              sh "echo 42"
              error("this error should appear in log")       

      On executing this script, FlowNode corresponding to error step has ErrorAction. The error message "this error should appear in log" can be seen by hovering over stage view UI. After restart, error step flow node has no such ErrorAction, try hovering over stage view UI and it won't show the error message.

      Persisted XML file for that error step seems to have correct ErrorAction with error message and stack trace but somehow its not de-serialized.

      There seems to be problem in general, take a look at https://github.com/jenkinsci/blueocean-plugin/commit/213854399c924919b7afb7160819a7f0b892dd19, here ExplodingStep has both ErrorAction and LogAction, but they are missing after jenkins restart.

      We are trying to capture failing step's error messages and show them in blueocean UI, it breaks the behavior on jenkins restart.

      After executing the script:

      Stage view:

      Blue Ocean:

      After restart:

      Stage view:

      Blue Ocean:


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