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CppUnit plugin crashes on empty result files



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      I sometimes (rather more frequently than desirable) have unittests that crash.
      These leave behind an empty .xml file (0 bytes), which causes the cppunit plugin
      to crash with the exception as attached (there's a "Premature End Of File" in it).
      When it does that, it also fails to keep the results of the other unittests (we
      run many unittest programs per build), so the trend and test overview are less
      usable than they could be.
      I think this is a regression from earlier versions. This is happening with
      v0.5.1, but v0.3 seemed to ignore empty files or at least handle them gracefully.

      Of course, this is a build error, and it's thus OK if CppUnit causes the build
      to fail because of this. It's also OK if it doesn't, because I catch the failure
      by other means also.


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