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multibranchPipelineJob overrides old branch indexing sources



    • Bug
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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • job-dsl-plugin
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    • Debian 8
      Jenkins 2.46.1 (as service)

      Plugins (all newest stable):
      Job DSL 1.61
      Pipeline: Multibranch 2.14
    • job-dsl 1.75


      When running the multibranchPipelineJob step it seems like it overrides the sources of a Multibranch Pipeline Job instead of just updating it. After running the step, even though nothing has changed the output of the branch indexing will become:

      Checking branch master
            ‘Jenkinsfile’ found
      Met criteria
      Takeover for job-dsl-plugin_multibranch » master by source #1 from source that no longer exists
      Branch reopened: master (b409f3996299dd12244d6cf7f8b6d8df3aa674ca)
      Scheduled build for branch: master


      To test this, I have installed a brand new Jenkins with the Pipeline plugins and Job DSL plugin (all as the stable version) and made a freestyle job, with a Job DSL step that has the following script:

      multibranchPipelineJob('job-dsl-plugin_multibranch') {
        branchSources {
          git { 


      After running the Job DSL step and afterwards running branch indexing a "master" job is created with the following log message from branch indexing:

      Checking branch master
            ‘Jenkinsfile’ found
      Met criteria
      Scheduled build for branch: master


      When running branch indexing again, following log message are shown as expected:

      Checking branch master
            ‘Jenkinsfile’ found
      Met criteria
      No changes detected: master (still at b409f3996299dd12244d6cf7f8b6d8df3aa674ca)


      However, if I run the Job DSL again and run branch indexing, the first log message (with takeover and so on) are shown. This is not what I would have expected, I would have expected something like a "no changes detected" message.



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