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Upstream/Downstream information not shown in pipeline jobs



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Component/s: pipeline
    • Environment:
      Jenkins version 2.19.2 running on a linux x64 machine kernel 3.12.28-4-default, apache and Java 1.7.0_65
      Pipeline plugin 2.14
      (more information can be provided if needed)
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      Two pipeline jobs were created, 

      Job 1, named TEST_PIPELINE, pipeline script content:

      stage ('testing') {
      {{ build job: 'TEST_PIPELINE_2', wait: true, propagate: false }}

      Job 2, named TEST_PIPELINE_2, pipeline script content

      stage ('testing') {
      {{ println ('Hello world!') }}

      Test execution:

      1. Start manually the job TEST_PIPELINE

      Expected result:

      1. TEST_PIPELINE Job is executed correctly, triggering the TEST_PIPELINE_2 Job -> OK
      2. TEST_PIPELINE_2 is executed correctly -> OK
      3. Information about the triggering is shown in the TEST_PIPELINE console information -> OK
      4. Job information in TEST_PIPELINE shows the Downstream job information -> Not OK: no information about downstream job is shown
        1. Build result shows the downstream job information -> Not OK: only way to check that a job was triggered is through the console
      5. Job Information in TEST_PIPELINE_2 shows the Upstream job information -> Not OK: not information about upstream job is shown
        1. Build result shows the upstream job information -> Not OK, but that information is shown in the "triggering" information section

      That feature is working if you are not using pipelines, I do not know why it is not working in my setting: maybe I am missing a parameter, or a plugin, but googling for it delivered no results

      I expected the list of upstream/downstream jobs to be correctly filled, what in my case, is not happening


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