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SCM-TeamConcert: plugin is not able to find workspace via UUID




      if you select try to create a sandbox from an existing RTC workspace and you validate the configuration given the workspace name, everything is working fine, but if you replace the name with the UUID validation failed, because it cannot find the corresponding workspaces

      => i read the UUID of the workspace from eclipse via copy url and use the last UUID from the url or by using scm.exe --show-uuid y list workspaces

      => both show the same UUID, but the plugin didn't work with it. It is also not able to find snapshots on workspace given by UUID => not tested if a stream is found by UUID or if using UUID is general problematic. What i tried is to build against a BuildDefintion and later create a new sandbox from the created snapshot found on the workspace which is available via the env variable team_scm_workspaceUUID



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          Summary SCM-TeamConcert: plugin is not able to find workspace/stream via UUID SCM-TeamConcert: plugin is not able to find workspace via UUID
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