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Improve performance of parsers for long log files




      Currently, the performance when parsing the log files is poor for some parsers. Maybe we should use another regexp library or strip off some text from the log before starting the parser.

      Here are some performance results on a log file of 840 lines:

      AcuCobol Compiler: 2439ms
      Ada Compiler (gnat): 21ms
      Buckminster Compiler: 12ms
      Coolflux DSP Compiler: 959ms
      Doxygen: 18ms
      Eclipse Java Compiler: 19ms
      Erlang Compiler: 11ms
      Flex SDK Compilers (compc & mxmlc): 113ms
      GNU compiler (gcc): 710ms
      GNU compiler 4 (gcc): 19ms
      GNU compiler 4 (ld): 700ms
      IAR compiler (C/C++): 14ms
      Intel compiler: 977ms
      Java Compiler: 137ms
      JavaDoc: 17ms
      MSBuild: 4491ms
      Oracle Invalids: 53ms
      PC-Lint: 4678ms
      PHP Runtime Warning: 1569ms
      Perforce Compiler: 2531ms
      Robocopy (please use /V in your commands!): 1733ms
      SUN C++ Compiler: 14ms
      Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (C/C++): 3ms

      Here are the results after the optimzation:

      AcuCobol Compiler: 15ms
      Ada Compiler (gnat): 27ms
      Buckminster Compiler: 19ms
      Coolflux DSP Compiler: 2ms
      Doxygen: 18ms
      Eclipse Java Compiler: 29ms
      Erlang Compiler: 24ms
      Flex SDK Compilers (compc & mxmlc): 6ms
      GNU compiler (gcc): 96ms
      GNU compiler 4 (gcc): 20ms
      GNU compiler 4 (ld): 68ms
      IAR compiler (C/C++): 19ms
      Intel compiler: 5ms
      Java Compiler: 53ms
      JavaDoc: 13ms
      MSBuild: 72ms
      Oracle Invalids: 6ms
      PC-Lint: 99ms
      PHP Runtime Warning: 2ms
      Perforce Compiler: 3ms
      Robocopy (please use /V in your commands!): 2ms
      SUN C++ Compiler: 4ms
      Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (C/C++): 3ms




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