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Cannot push tags back



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    • Hudson 1.342 with git plugin 0.8


      There is no 'Push GIT tags back to origin repository' post-build action (as described on the plugin page), just 'Push Merges back to origin'. But tags don't get pushed back automatically either.



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          Comment [ I am another person who is the 'bacon' in our little dog's breakfast of this problem:

          I'm assuming this bug hasn't been silently closed in some other place with a non-obvious but perfectly acceptable fix that I couldn't find.

          * The documented feature doesn't show up in the product, so there is no way this is not a legitimate bug.

          * git publisher functionality a priori isn't coherent or commensurate,

          * * Even if you want to push tihs to publisher, it's also the right thing here, and it not being where it belongs is a bit of incomprehensible crazy-sauce.

          The workaround (which I guess would be explicitly calling git push yourself in script) is blinkered for plenty of cases, including mine.
          Why is this not a real bug being owned by someone actually working on it, pushing towards fix instantaneously and then making the slightly embarrassed 'oops, yeah this was dumb, sorry for the delay but my cats all died from cancer during the testing of my next major project: a 240V 3phase catnip igniter, and I've been in a bit of a funk' sort of apology for the inconvenience?

          I mean, has this thing really been not working for 6 years?

          Is there another person who should be working on it, maybe, or an escalation path it can undergo? I don't know how tihngs work around here, I'm just fascinated by what is going on.

          Or, I suppose, you could just remove the functionality from the documentation like a wimp.

          Perhaps maybe my expectations are incorrectly set: is Atlassian not a real company? Or do they not have real people who own and are responsible for this? Or, is this an loosely supported open source project with few actual people working on it: I mean, should I be like grinding through your code and fixing the degeneracy? Is that what's expected? ]
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