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Issue with performance plugin for performance center test



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      Hi, Right now I am using Performance Center 12.6 integrated with Jenkins. I am trying to use this Plug-In to 'Publish Performance test result report' after the test has been done in Performance Center 12.6. I provided the Source Data Files = output.mdb and when the build is done I am not getting the Performance Test Result report and I am seeing the below error in the Console Log: Can anyone please let me know if you use this plug-in in getting performance test result report from Performance Center after the build has been ran.

      I went ahead and checked the workspace and could not find output.mdb file. It is complaining regarding that file is not available. Since this output.mdb file is in the performance center server and did not copied over to Jenkins server after the build test has been done, Is there a way to automatically copy this mdb file into Jenkins after the build test has been done. 

      Recording plot data
      Cannot detect file type because of error: Failed to copy /apps/jenkins/jobs/performanceCenter/jobs/1219_FEPDRET_PERCRTSLA_TREND/workspace/*/output.mdb to /apps/jenkins/jobs/performanceCenter/jobs/1219_FEPDRET_PERCRTSLA_TREND/builds/2/temp/*/output.mdb
      Build step 'Publish Performance test result report' changed build result to FAILURE



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