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Support Rocket.Chat via Incoming Webhook for all Job types



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    • OS: CentOS release 6.10 (Final)
      Jenkins server version: 2.161
      Jenkins server Java version: Java JDK 1.8.0_162
      Jenkins rocket-chat-notifier plugin version: 1.3.2
      Rocket.Chat server version: 0.69.2
    • 1.4.0


      As noted inĀ JENKINS-41650 and JENKINS-49407, the Webhook API seems to be only supported in Pipeline based jobs.

      Believe it would be much better if the Webhook based integration was supported system-wide so you can configure-enable it in Jenkins system config and have it available even in Freestyle jobs.

      Not sure how much work this would require but it would mean a lot for organizations that have Rocket.Chat working with an LDAP backend and not having to create an LDAP account just for integrating with Jenkins. After all, that's the whole benefit of having a webhook based integration instead of that classic username/password based one.

      Glad to test if anyone has anything to submit in a develop or beta branch of this plugin.



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