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Publish Over SSH can't connect when PasswordAuthentication is set to "NO"



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    • Jenkins 2.150.2 running on Redhat Linux 6.9
      Publish Over SSH plugin version 1.19.1
      Target servers are Linux as well.


      Our security office is implementing Multi-factor authentication (MFA).  The are strictly enforcing the PasswordAuthentication parameter to a value of "no" in the sshd_config file in every server. 

      The Publish_Over_SSH plugin connection fails with the message "Auth Cancel", which means it can't connect to the server to validate the credentials.  This is different than "Authorization Failed", which means there is a credential issue.  

      This renders our ability to send files to target servers using this plugin. As a result, we will have to set up public keys on all our build agents and target servers (of which there are over 200 and growing) and write explicit SSH commands to transfer the files.

      The SSH Plugin is unaffected by this change. However, that plugin does not transfer files. Is it possible to look at the connection methodology of the SSH Plugin and apply this to the Publish Over SSH plugin so it can still connect regardless of the PasswordAuthentication setting to "no"?



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