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Is it possible to compile jenkins pipeline into jar for shared library to use it?



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      Here's my question, I want to compile jenkins pipeline into jar for shared library to import and use it, so that I can protect my jenkins pipeline source code.

      As we know, shared library can use third-party libraries, I write my own third-party library and compile into jar then make shared library to import and use it, but I don't know how to call jenkins pipeline steps in my own third-party library.

      Here's what I do:

      1. I create my own third-party library write by groovy language and compile it into jar, source code like this:

      // src/main/groovy/DemoLibrary.groovy
      // I want this library to run jenkins pipeline step
      package com.example
      import org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.durable_task.ShellStep
      class DemoLibrary {
          // this function can run command in jenkins master node
          // runShell(script: script, cwd: cwd)
          // return: process
          def runShell(args) {
              def cmd = args.script
              if (args.cwd && args.cwd != "") {
                  cmd = "cd ${args.cwd} && ${cmd}"
              def cmds = ['bash', '-c', cmd]
              def proc = cmds.execute()
              if (proc.exitValue() != 0) {
                  throw new Exception("[ERROR] run shell error: ${proc.err.text}")
              return proc
          // i want this function to call jenkins "sh" step, but i don't know how to get StepContext in shared library
          // runStepShell(script: script, context: context)
          // return: stepExecution
          def runStepShell(args) {
              def shellStep = new ShellStep(args.script)
              def stepExecution = shellStep.start(args.context)
              retrun stepExecution

      2. I create my shared library, source code like this:


      // vars/demoLibrary.groovy
      @Field demoLib = new DemoLibrary()
      def demoStage() {
          docker.image("alpine:latest").inside("--user 1000:1000") {
              def script = "hostname"
              // run step "sh" can show the hostname of the docker container
              sh script: script
              // but run runShell show the hostname of the jenkins master
              def proc = demoLib.runShell(script: script)
              echo "${proc.text}"
              // how can i get the docker stepContext to make my third-party library to run jenkins sh step?
              demoLib.rrunStepShell(script: script, context: context)

      Is it possible I can call jenkins steps in my own third-party library? This stucked me for several days. Thx




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