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Update project README installation instructions




      I think we can update the README file.

      Here we use `will` as in the future, but I think we should change it to the present.

      >This plugin will be capable of executing code fragments via IPython kernel as currently supported by Jupyter.

      Under the Python dependencies, we need to specify the Python version. I can see JDK 8, but no mention of Python version.

      Also probably just need a list of dependencies. So users can choose to use `pip`, `poetry`, `conda`, etc. But probably also good to specify the version if we know what version is required.

      The section about contributing to the plugin is probably better in CONTRIBUTING.md, in a separate file.

      Finally, the instructions start with the Python dependencies, then go on some configuration. Then come back to JDK and more dependencies in "Guideline for setup". We should have a single section for the setup/installations.



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