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Advanced buttons are bad UI/UX



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      Jenkins UI has an engrained pattern of buttons named advanced. But it's bad UI. What does advanced mean? Nothing useful. It's a place to put UI elements since there's no better way to organized the information. It's a band aid that seems to be considered a good way to handle complexity.

      For one: the term is scary, and it's never good to scare a user. If I click on a button labeled advance, what should I expect to happen? I have no idea. It's like a red button in the control room. I want to press it, but I'm afraid since I don't know what will happen.

      Second: it's not informative. What's under an advanced button? I don't know ... advanced stuff. I know there's stuff under there. That it's advanced doesn't help me decide whether it's stuff I need to see or change.

      I see many bugs and enhancement related to advanced buttons on various screens. They all miss the point. Git rid of all of the advanced buttons. Putting the complicated UI under a button labeled advanced does not cut it.

      I'm venting. I'm complaining. And there is no simple solution. UI is hard. But, at the end of the day, Jenkins (as any software) is the user interface. It needs better UX.




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