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After Jenkins upgrade Declarative Pipelines stopped working due to JobConfigHistory plugin



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      We recently upgraded our Jenkins instance from 2.204.4 to version 2.297.

      We also upgraded Java from version 8 to 11 (openJDK).

      All plugins were upgraded. (See attached list of installed plugins)

      We've been reported that Declarative pipelines can't be created due to an error (see attached). Existing pipeline jobs are working fine after the upgrade, this problem is only affecting new jobs. If we copy an existing pipeline job, the resulting job is also working fine. Just the ones that are created from scratch are not working.

      We tried the below without success:

      Downgrade the JobConfigHistory plugin to 2.24

      Go back to use Java 8 in the main server and all the nodes.

      This issue only affects to declarative pipelines, scripted ones are working fine.

      We've disabled the plugin and the issue is gone. Our Jenkins instance is not reachable externally.



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