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Ivy Project template not compatible with other build solutions then ant



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      We use ivy (stand-alone) with NAnt to build our solutions.
      And now we want to use the benitifts of the Modules part of the Ivy project (which is very neat!).

      When looking at the command output. I can see that the Ivy project tries to invoke ant.bat by default.

      cmd.exe /C '"ant.bat -file component.build && exit %%ERRORLEVEL%%"'

      Therefore i thought that then i might create a ant.bat which contains "nant build", just a passthru / redirect to what we realy want to use.
      And that ofcourse works fine.

      Thought the issue becomes when we are trying to get the enviroment properties that the freestyle projects sets as invoking time.

      The vars that we use is SVN_REVISION AND BUILD_NUMBER.
      When using NAnt we can se the following in the console output.

      Executing command: hudson.util.ArgumentListBuilder@78dd3dc4
      [local] $ cmd.exe /C '"NAnt.exe -buildfile:BuildTool\Component.build milestone release && exit %%ERRORLEVEL%%"'

      Either the values are not passed to the ant.bat file or I can't just referrer them as i'v been doing before.
      Is there a reason for the values not to follow? How should i solve this instead? Do you have an idea of how this could be solved? I'm open minded!

      Thanks alot for the great work!

      Looking forward to using the Ivy Project template and just not the plugin.




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