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Build waits for next available executor even if several are available



    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: slave-squatter-plugin
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      Hudson 1.379, slave-squatter 1.1, heavy-job 1.0
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      (Couldn't find slave-squatter nor heavy-job as components, so posted in core)
      I think there's a problem in the cooperation between these components.
      I started using them yesterday to replace a more complicated mix of "heavy-slaves".

      I have one slave with 8 executors. I configured it, using slave-squatter, to reserve 3 of these during office hours, leaving 5 for use. I then noticed a job with weight 3 claiming to wait for next available executor even though it was the only job in the queue and there were no builds on the slave (or anywhere, actually).
      I tried lowering the reservation of the slave to 2 (i.e. 6 executors free) which caused the build to start - but having to keep an eye on these situations is not why I run Hudson

      The only issue I could find that smells a bit like this was JENKINS-7033 (Job in build queue is not executed).


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