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Feedback and Improvement Suggestions for the HP QC Plugin



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      Hi Romain and Thomas,

      thanks a lot for contributing your HP QC plugin, this is very much appreciated.
      I like to give some feedback from what I figured out so far:

      1. I have successfully tested your plugin with HP QC 10 and HP Functional Test 10, so you may add this version to the supported versions as well. No changes were necessary since the VBS you used is compatible with the QC 10 API. In fact it is also compatible with the QC 11 API, but I encountered some problems instantiating the scheduler object on HP ALM 11 PA, so I will retry once HP ALM 11 SP1 is out.

      2. While debugging an initial COM problem, it would have helped a lot if you would not use "On Error Resume Next" but "On Error Goto 10" in your VBS. Otherwise, error messages are not displayed but the script continues to wait for successful test set execution until it eventually times out.

      3. I was not able to get the plugin running if Hudson was installed as a Windows Service (even after I allowed the service to interact with the Desktop). Have you made similar experiences (and if yes, may you document this in the wiki).

      4. I could not figure out why you have to specify a path to QC/QTP in the Hudson setup. The VBS will find the DLLs on itself and I guess there are lots of Hudson administrators who do know their QC URL but do not know where the DLLs have been installed. Is it to ensure that all necessary DLLs are installed on the Hudson host? If so, could you add to the documentation that this step is not necessary if you can already run QTP tests from the QC GUI on the Hudson host?

      5. Would it be possible to have a script editor for the VBS built into Hudson? A plain text editor would be sufficient for me. My plan is to use Hudson's environment variables (like the current build number/revision number) to dynamically determine which test sets/tests to run. One would also need this setting if the test set scheduler should be instantiated on another host.

      6. Have you ever tried executing HP Performance Center (aka LoadRunner) tests contained in a QC test set?

      7. If Hudson is not running on the same box as QTP, one has to change the DCOM security settings on the QTP host. A link to HP's documentation how to do that ("Running Automation Scripts on a Remote Computer" in QTP Help) would be nice.

      Looking forward to your answers and always willing to help if needed.

      Best, Johannes Nicolai




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