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CLI Build command can determine if there are SCM changes



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      I have a workflow sitting outside of Jenkins used to manage 26 jobs that run in some dependency order.
      I use the -s build option through the CLI which works quite well, but it rebuilds all 26 modules even if some of them don't require it since last official build.

      The downstream-ext project has determined a way to kick off a downstream job only if it detects SCM projects. This works great, however if I use the "-s build" option
      in the CLI it would return when I'm done with job that has the downstream-ext post build task instead of the real job I'm interested in.

      What would be outstanding is if the logic that is in the downstream-ext plugin to only build if there are scm changes could be either an option to the cli build command or a different command altogether. The -s would be critical with this, otherwise what it really would only be is forcing a SCM poll and not knowing the end result.

      Without this option, I'm forced to deal with state and scm diffs outside of Jenkins. While doable, it would be great if the system handled this.



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