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cannot open job-config page in IE8 when using groovy-postbuild plugin


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    • Master Server: Jenkins 1.410, CentOS 5.6, Groovy Postbuild 1.4
      Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385, Windows 7 Professional

      Groovy-postbuild plugin is a great work, thanks !
      However, the trouble below has occurred in our Jenkins since I wrote a experimental job using this plugin.

      When someone tries to open any job-config page of any job in IE8, IE8 raises a javascript error as follows:

      No Object, Line: 812, Character: 29, Code: 0
      URI: http://ourjenkins/ourPrefix/static/4b0b67f3/scripts/hudson-behavior.js
         "TR.row-set-end": function(e) { // see rowSet.jelly and optionalBlock.jelly
              // figure out the corresponding start block
              var end = e;
              for( var depth=0; ; e=e.previousSibling) { ## here ##

      Sorry if I'm wrong and if it's a FAQ, but

      • When disabled this plugin, we can open job config page in IE8
      • Other Jenkins without this plugin works well in IE8
      • No trouble at least when using Firefox and Chrome browsers

      So I suppose this plugins affects some outputs (ex. javascript and/or html) to browsers, and IE8 is sensitive? to them.

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