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Git polling shouldn't need a workspace on a slave.


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      What happened:

      I have two slaves (1 & 2). I took slave 1 down for maintenance and a bunch of old, rarely updated, git builds kicked off. When I checked the git polling log, I saw a message (it's gone now, darn it) that said it was rebuilding to get workspace for git polling.

      A workspace shouldn't be needed.

      I'm unclear what git needs for this, but if you're tracking only a single branch (master) then you just need the HEAD and can compare the SHA1s.

      If it technically really really needs a git checkout, then I'd prefer if they were kept on an assigned host (the jenkins server in my case, master) instead of using the workspaces for this check. I'd want this for a couple reasons:

      • Slaves come and go. Rebuilding all my projects because a slave went down is unproductive.
      • Occasionally, I need to go into a slave and monkey with a workspace to troubleshoot a weird problem. I don't want that to impact polling.
      • It's a waste of space on the slaves. I'd rather control where the space is wasted.


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