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SCM build trigger not working correctly with variables in SVN URL


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      I tried using variables in my SVN URL with Subversion plug-in 1.29, but now the SCM build trigger triggers a new build on every update check.

      I created two global variables in the Jenkins System Configuration:


      and in my build job I use


      as the SVN URL and the SCM build trigger set to check every 15 minutes for updates.

      Despite a nasty "Invalid URL syntax" error marker below the URL field, checking out and building the project works fine. However, the log says:

      Started by an SCM change
      Updating file:///home/svn/myproject/trunk
      At revision 13360
      no revision recorded for $MYSVN_BASE/$MYSVN_BRANCH in the previous build

      And on any subsequent SCM check, the build is triggered with that same message...

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