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Setting SVN credentials for a job should not require administer permission


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      Our Jenkins Master-Slave setup is set up with project-role authorization strategy. It is used by multiple projects that all have their own SVN repositories with their own credentials. Jenkins supports different SVN credentials per job, but adding them or updating them requires administer permissions. As the Jenkins administrator, I typically set up new jobs for other developers. But since I don't have access to their repositories, I can't set up the credentials myself. I typically have to go to their desk and have them enter them on my computer, or they need to provide them to me by phone. Ideally, developers would enter SVN credentials themselves, but they are not allowed to.

      Users with job configuration permissions should be allowed to enter or modify credentials. Currently, only people with administer rights can do this. A side effect of this bug is that non administer users are not even aware of credentials being wrong. The error message shown on red letters asking for credentials is only shown to administer users.

      The Hudson project was also aware of this issue and as a matter of fact it already fixed it in 2.0.1

      The Hudson ticket is avaliable here

      In our constellation this problem has been the single most-frequent cause of technical-support tickets.

      By looking at the Hudson patch, it should be a trivial modification.

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