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jenkins-cli can't login to AD enabled server


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.443-SNAPSHOT (private-11/30/2011 01:22 GMT-jenkins) - your official CI build
      active directory plugin 1.24-SNAPSHOT (private-11/30/2011 01:58-jenkins) - from your official CI build

      When I try to login using the jenkins-cli.jar using the command

      java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://hudson:8080 login --username user@domain1.com

      and pass in a password token(I get the same issue when I use --password as well) I get a failure to login. The stack trace is attached. It throws an error trying to look up the user 'user@domain1.com.second.domain2.co.uk'.
      If I just try to use user instead of use@domain1.com it fails trying to look up the user 'user@second.domain2.co.uk'
      I do have a list of active directory Domain Names set up, comma separated, 'domain1.com,second.domain2.co.uk' so it is falling back to the last name, but it never finds the user, which is located in domain1.com.

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