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Exclusion plugin sometimes reports a resource as locked when it is not. Jobs hang as a result.


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    • Jenkins 1.477, Jenkins 1.486

      I'm trying to use this plugin to manage a resource lock.

      I configure a multiconf task by node (maybe it's vital) like this:
      critical start
      execute shell: sleep 5
      critical end

      The resource doesn't get deallocated albeit claimed so:

      Started by upstream project "test" build number 16
      Building remotely on autotest in workspace /home/hudson/workspace/test/node/autotest
      [Exclusion] -> Allocating resource : AT
      [Exclusion] -> Assigned AT
      [Exclusion] -> Resource allocation complete
      [autotest] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson1930327396414066431.sh
      + sleep 5
      [Exclusion] -> Releasing all the resources
      Finished: SUCCESS

      On the other host:

      Started by upstream project "test" build number 16
      Building remotely on aix_53_dev in workspace /build/hudson/workspace/test/node/aix_53_dev
      [Exclusion] -> Allocating resource : AT
      Waiting ressource : AT currently use by : test ยป autotest #16
      Build was aborted
      Aborted by Yury Pukhalsky
      Finished: ABORTED

      (Abort was mine after about two minutes.

      Likewise resources are not release after the task finishes, like it's stated in the doc.

      In the exclusion administration:
      I don't see the state of the resource
      There's nothing in the droplist, so i cannot release the resource with the button.

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