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Mark in Jenkins build with "NOT RUN" Test Cases and display in the UI (with colours, etc)


      • Get automated test cases from Testlink
      • Find the TAP files after test cases complete
      • For each found automated test case result (TAP) then update Testlink
      • For each not found automated test case (NOT RUN in fact), mark in Jenkins build and display in the UI (with colours, etc)

      What I want is to get the statistic information shown on the Jenkins Testlink ReportSummary Page, please find the attachment for the screenshot. There are 5 test cases to be executed, you can see 3 passed 1 skipped 1 failed, but sometimes one of the test case is not executed at all because the pre-condition of the test case is wrong. In this case, the result of this test case should be shown as "NOT EXECUTED" or "NOT RUN".

            kinow Bruno P. Kinoshita
            yhwang Yinghua Wang
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