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Trouble finding test results using TAP result seeking strategy


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      System information:

      • Jenkins version: 1.509
      • TestLink version: 1.9.6
      • Plugin version: 3.3

      I am using command line tools via the Execute Shell Build step to run tests. The tool in use produces output in XML, which I am transforming via xslt to produce a TAP file. An example [sanitized] TAP file is attached, captured from the Jenkins workspace.

      I have configured the Result Seeking Strategy as "TAP file name" with these parameters:

      • Include Pattern: .tap (I have also tried **/.tap)
      • Key Custom Field: linkchecker_TAP_file (value set to "linkchecker.tap" in TestLink; I have also tried a value of "linkchecker")
      • Attach TAP Stream: Checked (I have also tried unchecked)
      • Attach TAP YAMLish attachments: Unchecked
      • Include test notes: Unchecked

      The end of the Jenkins console output is as follows:

      [workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson7459268284075723478.sh
      + /usr/bin/xsltproc --output linkchecker.tap linkchecker.xslt linkchecker-out.xml
      Looking for the test results of TestLink test cases.

      Found 0 test result(s).

      Finished: SUCCESS

      The build appears in TestLink, but the test case Result is "Not Run".

      I assume this is because I have not yet completely "hooked together" the result seeker with the TAP file I'm creating. However, I'm at a loss as to what to try next.

      Suggestions? Further information that would be useful?

      All help is appreciated!

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